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At OrthoNeuroSpine & Pain Clinic, your initial appointment will usually be with our musculoskeletal or pain physician. Your specialist will ask you about your symptoms, perform a physical examination, and review any x-rays or scans you may have had.

The next step will often be more scans or other tests, to ascertain the most likely cause of your pain. Spinal problems and chronic pain are frequently complex, and as such they require careful consideration and, in many cases, thorough investigation. You may be referred to another specialist with specific expertise in the type of problem that you face. Once a diagnosis has been made, your treatment options will be discussed. We pride ourselves on getting you involved in the decision-making process, and will guide you through it.

The main aim is to get you better with the least invasive treatment possible. This may involve you being reviewed and treated by our psychologist, having some injections, or being cared for by our physiotherapist. In some cases rest and/or specific exercises may be all that is required.

If your situation is more complicated, either with the diagnosis being unclear or your response to conventional treatment methods being less than expected, your situation may be discussed in a case conference. This is where all of our experts sit down together to try and come up with a solution for you. Whichever path you take, you can rest assured that you will be treated with respect and compassion, whilst at the same time receiving state-of-the-art medical care.

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