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Patient Links

Beware! If you are a patient, and seek for trustable medical information related with your spine problem, be cautious about the information found on the web. There are few scientific study on the quality of health-related information on the web, and all the studies report that the quality is questionable. For example, Li and colleagues (Spine 2001;26:545–557) reported that "most back pain-related web sites can be classified as advertising. The quality varied considerably, resulting in difficulties for patients to find useful information in this field. The increasing number of people seeking medical information on the Web creates a need for more high quality sites".

Therefore, offers no guarantee about the soundness of the health information at the following websites. However, those are relatively well-organized and well-maintained websites than those of many others.

AAOS Orthoinfo

North American Spine Society

Spine Patient Soceity

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