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"Our goal at the OrthoNeuroSpine is to maximize function through muscle preservation and spinal strengthening. We have a state-of-the-art program that targets the spinal muscles. If surgery is required, we employ the latest endoscopic minimally invasive techniques to preserve muscle function. "

Our team approach brings together the expertise of numerous medical and surgical disciplines to provide you with the best treatment options available. The goal of OrthoNeuroSpine & Pain Institute is to help you regain the quality of your life. Utilizing a unique multidisciplinary approach, our clinicians are able to offer patients comprehensive spinal care for both neck and back conditions. We offer multiple approaches to the care of spinal problems in one location, which provides patients with a convenient, timely, and cost- effective setting for the diagnosis and treatment of spinal conditions.

We concentrate on restoring normal pain-free spinal function by non-surgical means whenever possible. Our highly trained team of doctors work together to diagnosis the source of pain and develop a customized plan of care, utilizing state of the art surgical and non-surgical treatments. Our non-surgical doctors are experts in the fields of pain management, therapy, injections, and electrophysiological evaluations. If surgery is recommended, our, fellowship trained spine surgeons offer the newest spine surgery technologies with an emphasis on minimally invasive microscopic nerve decompression and fusion, as well as disc replacement. We are actively involved in the latest spine research, and participate in the education of medical students, residents and fellows. Our emphasis is on patient care and treating the whole patient.We understand that each patient is an individual with specific needs. Neck pain and back pain is a life-altering condition. Our goal is to restore quality of life to our patients using methods that are both innovative and clinically proven.

Dedicated Solely to Spinal Health Care

As a facility solely dedicated to the treatment of spinal disorders we are experts in the field of non-operative and operative treatment. With advanced understanding of the spine our goal is to restore normal pain free spinal function and mobility to our patients.

Expert Consultants

The spine is a critical component to your overall body function. If you suffer from chronic spinal pain or an acute injury it is essential that you are treated by a spinal specialist. Our innovative physicians are leaders in their respective fields and are dedicated exclusively to the treatment of the spine. They are fellowship trained, board certified specialists with backgrounds in spinal surgery, orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, physical therapy, anesthesiology, pain management and family practice.

Comprehensive Treatment

We manage all aspects of spinal care from start to finish, from the simplest neck or back ache to the most complex spinal deformity or failed prior surgery. Our unique belief in treating the entire patient has led us to place multiple disciplines together under one roof so that our patients receive the most comprehensive care possible, whether you need an evaluation, physical therapy, injections, or surgery. Whether you suffer from neck, arm, back or leg pain, our team will coordinate an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan to restore you to a full and active lifestyle.

Focus on Patient Care

We are committed to the doctor-patient relationship. We believe it is essential to spend quality time with each patient to understand their overall health, any underlying medical problems, lifestyle, job requirements and expectations. It is this patient centered philosophy that helps us determine the safest, simplest and most appropriate treatment methods needed to obtain a successful outcome.

At OrthoNeuroSpine we believe in offering skillful, compassionate, patient-centered care. It is our goal to give you the highest standard of care and the fastest recovery time possible so that you can return to your normal, daily life. Come visit us and start your tomorrow, today!

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